Our children and most of us use our eDevices more than ever… at school, while commuting, on the couch and even in bed… 
all day long, day by day.

Looks familiar?

Who hasn’t seen kids and teens playing with their favourite device like this for hours?  

Does this posture look good and healthy? 

The continuous usage of the laptop, tablet and smartphones in non-appropriate postures does not only lead more and more to serious long term issues in the form of back pain, neck pain and spinal misalignment, but even to fertility problems due to the heat radiations when the device is in close range or in contact with human tissue. 

Our children and teenagers, all of us deserve better.  How about a stand that you and your kids can use with any device, anywhere ?


Check out the difference !

Odoo CMS - a big picture

The Astuto stand raises the device’s display to near-eye level, and helps to reduce disc pressure in the neck and back. This helps to achieve a natural balanced growth and improved posture. 

Universal & compact

Ready in seconds, always available, when you need it, anywhere. Limited space in your bag or to store at home



The only universal multi-device stand that you really can use anywhere !

Learn better

Learning & studying in a proper posture helps you to concentrate on your lectures


Every family member can use the benefits of the iMoov Astuto stand !

The iMoov Astuto stand combines as NO other stand the following 4 features:

Posture & Ergonomics

raise SCREEN to near-eye level, relaxed neck

Any family members, whatever age

Improve your family member's posture

Recommended by health professionals 



Compatible with about any device

Laptop & MacBook


iPad & Tablet PC


Smartphone & iPhone



Use your gear anywhere



Multi OS Bluetooth Keyboard available


Many different angles & positions


Made to last

Top quality

Great Value


Original & useful gift


Durable & longlasting