Ever felt very  inconvenient and uncomfortable  to use your laptop or tablet while on a business trip, attending a conference, working on-the-go, sitting in a plane, a train, taxi, in coffee shop or even in your own office ?   

Hunching over your device, or having to hold it all the time and at the same time  be productive is mostly not really achievable  without some pain and aches sooner or later.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) claims and posture related pains have become the second biggest claim areas after mental and stress problems in many industrialized countries. Millions of precious work days are lost every year due to work related muskulo-skeletal pathologies, aches and pains.

A busy business schedule, high productivity and  a good posture are NO contradiction !

The iMoov Astuto stand allows you to increase productivity and to keep a good posture while using your laptop / tablet PC, whether you are working in the office, from home or on-the-go - as NO OTHER STAND DOES !

Here is what some journalists and business crowdfunding backers said after having received their iMoov Astuto stand :


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