Musculoskeletal (MSK) claims and posture related pains have become the second biggest claim areas after mental and stress problems in many industrialized countries.

Using our electronic devices at work, at home and on the go is increasing the frequency of occurrence of such pains, stresses to our bodies and wellbeing in the months and years to come, resulting in an increased number of sick-leave days, and possibly chronic back pain and other pathologies.

A 2012 study by Harvard School of Public Health for example highlighted tablet and portable device users experience more profound head and neck angles flexion angles when compared to traditional computer users.

Looks familiar ?

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Other studies show that not only electromagnetic radiation does have a direct effect to the temperature of the nearby tissues, but this increased temperature near the reproductive organs / body can also affect male fertility and even the development of the embryo.

The general public is often not aware of the long term effects of their electric device usage on their body, posture and well being.  Hence the importance to publish relevant articles in medical and non-medical magazines and internet sites. Besides that, regular exercise, stretching, breaks and the usage of appropriate stands is highly recommended to improve posture and health on a daily basis.  


A solution exists

The iMoov Astuto universal stand is one of a kind !
The ONLY multi-devise "laptop desk" you can really use anywhere !                         



The Astuto stand brings your device to a near-eye position thanks to its patented foldable strap & leg design. The neck, shoulders and back are less stressed and the elevated position keeps the device’s temperature away from the user’s body.   




Odoo CMS - a big picture

One stand - a multitude of usages !

Unfolded in seconds, the iMoov Astuto universal stand can be used on your legs or your desk ; with a laptop tablet or iPad 

Your freedom with improved posture and productivity.



A series of physiotherapist in Europe and the USA have tested the iMoov Astuto stand and say : 
  • Tim Galliver

“… (the iMoov Astuto stand) gives an improved postural position, especially regarding the neck, when compared to other stands on the market”  

“…A good sitting ergonomic position for a tablet on lap is 45 degrees which the iMoov achieves in the rear bracket position, but with the advantage of being raised compared a standard case/stand.” 

“…The iMoov decreases the exposure to electromagnetic energy due to the raised platform above the user’s body”

“The iMoov is moving towards a better position for both the management of existing posture related pain as well as prevention of MSK issues across the spine and upper limbs.”

(Source: Tim Galliver, MusculoSkeletal  Physiotherapist, specialism in Ergonomics and Work Related Postural Pain, Member of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) and Health Care Professions Council (HCPC), UK)

  • Alain Collienne

“Unrivalled ergonomics”

“Relaxed Serratus Anterior, deltoids, loose shoulders… cervicals will suffer less and less.”

“ I can only recommend it”

(Source: Alain Collienne, physiotherapist, Belgium)

  • Jared Green

“… my customers are looking for some way to make their work more ergonomic … and working on-the-go hurts.” 

“… (the Astuto) is convenient, versatile, great to work in the car, exactly as promised it would be…“

“I am looking forward to recommending it to my clients.”

“I sincerely believe that this will help people who travel and work on-the-go.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

(Source: Jared Green Therapeutics, massage therapist & yoga instructor, USA) 

The iMoov Astuto universal stand really stands out compared to other “common” stands thanks to the UNIQUE combination of the 4 key features: 

Posture & Ergonomics

Improved posture, wherever you are


Many different angles & positions

Multi-device usage

Compatible with most laptops, Macbooks,
tablet PCs, iPads and smartphones


Foldable to the size of an iPad, travel-friendly