iMoov in Canada


"47% of employees wish their employer offered the option to work remotely

According to our survey, 62% of Canadian employers offer their employees the option to work remotely. Almost half (47%) of respondents who work for companies without a remote-work policy feel frustrated, and wish their company offered this benefit, so much so that 33% have considered looking for a job at a company that offers a remote work, and 14% are actively looking."

When you are working out of the office, a good ergonomic stand-up desk light, small & comfortable to work anywhere for laptop,iPad, tablet, smarphone, surface is mandatory.

We are now available in Canada in ErgoCanada.

No excuse anymore to not be comfortable to work out of your office.

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iMoov in the press

Simply the best accessory for laptop users


This month thanks to our partner Handshoemouse we are in the Ergonoma magazine.

The perfect association of an ergonomic mouse & the Astuto make you feel comfortable to work everywhere.

More and more scientists and physicians recommend to use ergonomic accessories to avoid pain & fatigue.

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We did it !

Kickstarter campaign


Yes we did it !

160% of our initial target ! More than 1000 Astuto: iMoov Kickstarter Campaign

Thank you to all our backers and early adopters. We promise you that you will enjoy the Astuto as much as we do.

We received support for more than 50 countries all over the world !

We have so many nice E-mails and nice messages from people interested by this product than we can only resume our feeling by one word:

Thank you - Gracias - Merci - Danke - Tak - Obrigado - .....

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CES2017 - Demo live on Sunday 8th @ 10:00 AM

Live from Las Vegas


Join iMoov at the Agency 2.0 booth at CES where we will showcase our product for the first ever live demo. Our demo will be located at booths 51230 & 51232 on Sunday, January 8th from 10-11 AM at the Sands Expo & Convention Center. The iMOOV Astuto is a versatile stand that works with any mobile device or computer, and can be used on any surface including your lap. Optimized for an ergonomic position, it allows you to work comfortably virtually anywhere. Foldable, robust and light it can be carried easily. Pair your mobile devices to the Teclado Bluetooth keyboard, and you have the perfect solution for comfortable work and entertainment on the go, at home, or at the office.

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Lancement de la campagne de Crowdfunding


Lors du dernier salon CES 2017 à Las Vegas, nous avons lancé officiellement la communication de notre campagne de Crowdfunding. L'enthousiasme reçu est à la hauteur des efforts que nous avons dépensés pendant plus de 36 mois pour créer une gamme complète d'accessoires pour le Digital Nomad. Des produits complets, bien-pensés, bien-étudiés, de qualité et qui répondent à un besoin de liberté sans cesse plus grand. Malheureusement, avec le Nouvel An Chinois et le temps nécessaire pour recevoir les premiers modèles pour la presse, nous avons été obligés de postposer le début de la campagne de février à avril. Mais comme le dit le proverbe, rien ne sert de courir, il faut partir à point. Welcome Astuto. !

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