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Set-up of our Facebook Account


On May 6, we set-up officially our Facebook account page. Welcome to the Astuto, Teclado and BagIT10 &BagIT14.

"The Facebook page is a way to promote the new Digital Nomad working way of life shared by so many people around the world today" said Olivier Gramaccia

"If we can help them to use their devices everywhere in a comfortable way, our mission is a success."

Connect you on Facebook and join us for a new working freedom.

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The iMoov Astuto multi device stand concept is patented and protected in most industrialized countries. Even if the product seems simple, a lot of R&D in terms material, size, dimension, weight and shape was required to reach the optimum product specification and the best user experience - whether the iMoov Astuto is to be used as a laptop stand, a tablet stand, a stand for your Macbook, iPad or iPhone - on your thighs or your desk. iMoov Astuto - the most versatile and portable stand, ever ! This is what we call SimplExity. A simple shape where you can hardly see its complexity in detail !
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